Website back up!

Posted by Codecat on 6-8-2017

It's been a while since I last touched this website. It was offline for a while since it moved server. But it's back now, even with https! I have disabled the forum as well, as I don't think anyone was really using it. Might bring it back into an archived state in the case that there is any useful information.

Let me know on Twitter if you have any comments.

Also, you can donate with Bitcoin now, if you are so inclined! 💕 19ofRv3xLdoq9vPhAgBR58sFj16BUqMGgy

OpenSMO Released!

Posted by Codecat on 6-4-2012

OpenSMO is now available for download! You can get it at the downloads page, or you can get the source code directly from Github.

Welcome to OpenSMO.com

Posted by Codecat on 24-3-2012

Welcome to OpenSMO!